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The StyleMedia class provides a way to evaluate CSS media queries from JavaScript. You do not need to, nor should you, create instances of this class. You access the shared StyleMedia object using the window’s styleMedia property.

  • type Property

    A string that represents the media type of the current view used for rendering the document.


    readonly attribute DOMString type


    For pages being displayed on screen, this property value is screen. When printing, this property value is print.

  • Evaluates the given string as a media query and returns the result.


    booleanmatchMedium (in DOMString mediaquery);



    The media query to evaluate.

    Return Value

    true if the media query is logically true; otherwise, false.


    For example, window.styleMedia.matchMedium("(color)") returns true if the display device is a color device. You can also use this method to check whether the browser supports 3D transforms as follows:

    1. if ('styleMedia' in window && window.styleMedia.matchMedium("(-webkit-transform-3d)")) {
    2. // Insert 3D code here
    3. }

    Or check to see whether the browser supports animations as follows:

    1. if ('styleMedia' in window && window.styleMedia.matchMedium("(-webkit-animation)")) {
    2. // Insert animation code here
    3. }