Distributing Your Extension

You are free to distribute your extension by download from your web server, on disk, by email, or using any of the usual methods to distribute digital media. You may also submit your extension for inclusion in Apple’s Safari Extension Gallery.

Putting Your Extension on a Web Server

Include a link to a copy of your .safariextz folder on your website.

Be sure to include a description of what your extension does.

Make sure your web server is serving the extension using the MIME type application/octet-stream.

Most web servers maintain a table of file extensions and MIME types, and provide an administrative tool for updating the table.

For example, to add a MIME type to an Apache web server, use the AddType directive:

AddType application/octet-stream .safariextz

For IIS web servers, the MIME settings are typically accessed using the MMC by right-clicking the host computer name and choosing Properties, then adding a new MIME setting and file extension.

For more information, consult the vendor’s documentation for your web server, or do a web search for “add MIME type” + YourWebServer + YourVersionNumber.

Submitting Your Extension to the Apple Gallery

Go to developer.apple.com and log in as a Safari Developer. There is a form on the website to submit your app.

Be sure to post your extension on a web server with the MIME type for .safariextz files set to application/octet-stream.

The Safari Extension Gallery includes a link to your extension. Your extension is not mounted on the Apple web server.