Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Safari Extensions Development Guide.

2015-06-08Updated references to the Apple Developer Programs. Extensions placed in the Safari Extensions Gallery are now hosted by Apple.
2014-07-15Added various notes and clarifications: • Don’t create extensions with multiple unrelated behaviors. • All extensions must have a custom icon. • All extensions must support automatic update. • Don’t side-load extensions via Safari/Extensions.plist. • How to detect host Safari version for feature compatibility.
2014-03-10Added certificate information to "Extensions Overview."
2013-09-18Corrected the "Global HTML Page" description to remove audio element support.
2013-06-13Added a section explaining to query the page's visibility before dispatching messages to a tab.
2012-07-23Updated for Safari 6.0. Made minor edits throughout.
2012-02-16Several small whitespace fixes.
2011-12-14Added recommendations for extension security and high-resolution icons.
2011-07-07Updated for Safari 5.1 to include popovers, Reader API, tab and window events.
2010-09-01Updated for Safari 5.0.1. Corrected typos. Edited for clarity and consistency.
2010-08-03Fixed typos and code errors. Expanded contextual menu section and clarified update manifest.
2010-06-21New document.