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Newsstand Icons

If your app uses NewsstandKit to publish subscription-based periodical content, you need to provide icons for display in the App Store and on people’s devices.

image: ../Art/newsstand_intro_2x.png

All Newsstand apps need to supply a Newsstand cover icon that represents the default cover art in the App Store. The long edge of this icon should measure at least 1024 pixels (512 pixels for standard-resolution devices). Note that this icon is separate from the app icon that all iOS apps must provide.

A default Newsstand cover icon should be a generalized facsimile of the cover of a typical issue, which focuses on the parts of the cover that are fairly consistent from issue to issue. For example:

  • Avoid adding to the default cover icon elements that users would never see on an actual cover, such as a message to “tap here for the latest issue”.

  • Avoid using artwork or headlines that are seasonal or topical, such as images related to holidays or headlines that refer to current events.

In particular, don’t reuse the cover of a previous issue for your default Newsstand cover icon, because users might confuse your app with a specific issue. For example, default magazine and newspaper icons could look something like this:

image: ../Art/magazine_default.jpg
image: ../Art/newspaper_default.jpg

In addition to the default Newsstand cover icon, you also need to supply a separate icon that accurately represents each new issue so it can appear on the Newsstand shelf and in the multitasking UI on an iOS device. Unlike the default cover icon, each per-issue icon should display details about the contents of a specific issue.

It’s recommended that you create a single large icon for each issue, and allow iOS to scale it for display in both places.

Specifically, you should create a per-issue icon whose long edge measures at least 1024 pixels (512 pixels for standard-resolution devices). To display the current issue’s icon on the Newsstand shelf and in the multitasking UI, iOS scales your large icon to the following sizes:

Table 45-1Maximum scaled sizes for per-issue icons


Scaled size (Newsstand shelf)

Scaled long-edge size (multitasking UI)

iPhone 6 Plus

270 x 240 pixels

180 pixels

All other iPhone models

180 x 160 pixels (90 x 80 pixels for @1x)

120 pixels (60 pixels for @1x)


252 pixels for long edge (126 pixels for @1x)

152 pixels (76 pixels for @1x)

For additional information about setting up a Newsstand app, see iTunes Connect Developer Guide.