Document Revision History

This table describes the changes to Safari Client-Side Storage and Offline Applications Programming Guide.

2011-09-21Corrected minor typos.
2011-08-23Updated description of offline application cache and key-value storage. Updated code samples.
2011-07-12Added a note describing how to take Safari offline.
2010-08-20Applied minor edits throughout.
2010-01-20Minor edits.
2009-11-17Added Companion Files archive for easier assembly of examples. Made minor typographical and organizational fixes.
2009-10-19Fixed a few typos.
2009-06-24Improved the offline app cache documentation.
2009-06-08Fixed various typographical errors.
2009-02-20Updated for Safari 4.0. Added description of HTML 5 offline storage and offline applications.
2009-01-06Expanded SQL syntax coverage. Corrected database example instructions.