Last Revision:
Version 1.1, 2008-08-06
- Added keywords - Added "Safari" to Dev Centers and Locations - Modified title and description to include information about custom controls - Added a ReadMe file - Changed minimum requirements from 10.5 to Safari 3.1 (which is also available on Tiger) No changes were made to the code in this sample.
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Build Requirements:
Safari 3.1 and later
Runtime Requirements:
Safari 3.1 and later

This sample uses HTML 5 and CSS to emulate a stack of iPod nanos. A video is played in each nano using the HTML 5 <video> element. JavaScript is used to play, pause, and seek when the corresponding button on the nano is clicked, and to cross-fade the volume when a nano is brought forward from the stack. All animations on the nanos are done using CSS transitions.