Training Models with Create ML

The new, user-friendly Create ML app lets you build, train, and deploy machine learning models with no machine learning expertise required. Create ML lets you view model creation workflows in real time. You can even train models from Apple with your custom data, with no need for a dedicated server.

Model Templates

Build models for object detection, activity and sound classification, and providing recommendations. Take advantage of word embeddings and transfer learning for text classification.

Multi-model Training

Train multiple models using different datasets, all at the same time.


Test your models before deploying them in production with evaluation support that’s unique to each training task.

APIs and More

Add a few lines of Swift code to leverage Vision, Natural Language, and Speech APIs and to create models optimized for the Apple ecosystem for a variety of tasks, including regression, image classification, word tagging, and sentence classification.

eGPU Training Support

Gain even better performance for model training by using an external graphics processing unit with your Mac.