Hello Developer: November 2023

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Welcome to Hello Developer. In this edition: the Swift Student Challenge 2024, Apple Vision Pro apps for enterprise, new videos to help you level up your games for iPhone 15 Pro and the A17 Pro chip, and more.


Get ready for the Swift Student Challenge 2024

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The Swift Student Challenge has given thousands of students from around the world the opportunity to showcase their creativity and coding abilities, and build real-world skills that they can take into their careers and beyond.

We’re releasing new coding resources, working with community partners, and announcing the Challenge earlier than in previous years so students can dive deep into Swift and the development process — and educators can get a head start in supporting them.

New for 2024: Out of the 350 overall winners, we’ll recognize 50 Distinguished Winners and invite them to join us here at Apple in Cupertino next summer. Applications will open in February 2024 for three weeks. Learn more.


Dive into Apple Vision Pro apps for enterprise

Companies like JigSpace and PTC are exploring the possibilities of the infinite canvas — and realizing ideas that were never before possible.

JigSpace cofounder and chief technology officer Numa Bertron — whose company created the remarkable Alfa Romeo F1 car model above — has been in the driver’s seat for his team’s Apple Vision Pro explorations from day one. “We asked ourselves: What's the appropriate size for an object in front of you? What’s comfortable? Spatial computing introduces so many more opportunities — and more decisions.”

Spotlight on: Apple Vision Pro apps for enterprise

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Grow your app or game on the App Store

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Join us for a new set of developer activities to explore discovery, engagement, analytics, and much more. Live sessions with Q&A will be held in multiple time zones and languages.


Bring your high-end game to iPhone 15 Pro

Screenshot of the game Death Stranding across many different Apple devices

Discover how the power of A17 Pro can help you maximize your game on iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Bring your high-end game to iPhone 15 Pro

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Plus, you can learn how to incorporate the new rule-based matchmaking feature into your real-time multiplayer games.

Meet rule-based matchmaking in Game Center

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In this series of videos, you can learn how to level up your pro app or game by harnessing the speed and power of Apple platforms.

Optimize your game for Apple platforms

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Peruse the “sweet, creative“ world of Kimono Cats

A screenshot of Kimono Cats that shows two cartoon cats in a colorful background designed to resemble a Japanese festival.

Meet the team behind Kimono Cats, a cute and casual game that follows two cartoon cats on a very sweet date. “I’m a huge fan of Hayao Miyazaki and that kind of heartfelt, slower-paced style,” says developer Greg Johnson. “What you see in Kimono Cats is a warmth and appreciation for Japanese culture.”

The “sweet, creative” world of Kimono Cats

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Catch up on the latest updates


Discover new sample code, articles, and tutorials

Check out new resources that cover SwiftUI, App Intents, push notifications, visionOS app performance, and more.

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