Newsstand for Developers

Deliver magazine and newspaper content, including auto-renewing subscriptions, using the NewsstandKit and StoreKit frameworks.

Updates in iOS 9

Changes are coming to Newsstand this fall with iOS 9. While publishers can still distribute periodicals on the App Store with auto-renewing subscriptions, the Newsstand app will no longer be pre-installed.

What to Expect
  • Individual Newsstand apps will now install directly to the Home screen. If a customer had Newsstand apps installed prior to updating to iOS 9, Newsstand will become a folder titled “Newsstand” and their existing apps will be placed in this folder.
  • Newsstand app icons will no longer be the cover of the latest issue. You should review and update your App icons.
  • You will still be able to update your issue preview screenshots and metadata without submitting a new binary.
  • Background downloads will continue and existing subscriptions will be unaffected.

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