OpenGL for macOS

OpenGL is the foundation for hardware-accelerated graphics in macOS. It powers Core Animation, Core Image, and Quartz Extreme and gives your app access to amazing 3D graphics capabilities. Use this industry standard graphics API to create a range of apps, including games, animation software, and medical imaging solutions.

Programming Guides and Reference

Sample Code

Technical Notes and FAQs

  • Migrating to OpenGL Core Profile

    Watch a step-by-step video that shows you how to modernize existing OpenGL code and move to the OpenGL Core Profile.

  • More Videos

    Learn more about OpenGL with video presentations and tutorials.

  • Downloads

    Get the latest graphics tools for Xcode, including OpenGL Profiler, OpenGL Shader Builder, and Quartz Composer.

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  • Forums

    Post questions and discuss OpenGL ES and GL Kit with other developers and Apple engineers.

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  • OpenGL Capabilities

    Find OpenGL extensions and parameter values for each version of macOS, graphics adapter, and CPU combinations.

  • OpenGL ES for iOS and tvOS

    Bring amazing graphics to life in your iOS and tvOS apps with the hardware-accelerated OpenGL ES API.

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