OS X Mavericks for Developers

OS X Mavericks is the most powerful OS X ever and also the most power efficient. Your apps automatically benefit from energy saving technologies in OS X Mavericks, and new APIs help you make them even more efficient. With new AV Kit frameworks, Sprite Kit, Map Kit, and more, you can build and distribute your most incredible apps yet.

Download and Install

OS X Mavericks and Xcode 5

To build apps for OS X Mavericks, make sure you have OS X 10.9 and Xcode 5 with the latest OS X SDKs installed on your Mac. If you don’t have the latest releases, you can download OS X Mavericks and Xcode for free on the Mac App Store.

Develop for OS X Mavericks

Energy Saving

New features in OS X Mavericks give users visibility into where energy is being consumed. The new battery indicator on the menu bar identifies apps that consume the most energy, and Activity Monitor now details energy consumption per process. OS X Mavericks automatically conserves energy when possible with App Nap, and provides excellent tools and App Nap APIs so you can further ensure your apps perform well, while being good energy citizens.

Sprite Kit

Create high-performing 2D games with the powerful new Sprite Kit framework, which allows you to control sprite attributes such as position, size, rotation, gravity, and mass. Sprite Kit’s OpenGL-based renderer efficiently animates 2D scenes. Built-in support for physics makes animations look real, and particle systems create essential game effects such as fire, explosions, and smoke.

Map Kit

With Map Kit, you can now take advantage of the beautifully designed cartography and vector-based interactivity of Apple maps, including support for Multi-Touch gestures, pinch to zoom, and panning.

Safari Push Notifications

Keep users up-to-date with news and other alerts using Apple push notifications. Once users have signed up for notifications from your website in Safari, you can send them push notifications that appear just like app notifications, even when Safari isn’t running. Users can then click on your push notification to launch your website. Learn more


Make it easy for users to post links and access their LinkedIn profiles directly from your app. With single sign-on in OS X Mavericks, users can sign into their account once and stay connected with their professional networks.

AV Kit

Now you can easily play modern media formats within your Mac app with AV Kit. With very little code, playback can be embedded into a standard Cocoa view, along with navigation controls, chapter selection, and support for subtitles. This easy-to-use framework is built on AV Foundation and is an ideal starting point for transitioning your QuickTime-based apps to the latest media technologies.

Multiple Displays

With OS X Mavericks users can arrange multiple displays any way they like, with windowed apps or full screen apps on each display, so now is a great time to adopt full screen in your app. This flexibility is perfect when developing software; zoom Xcode to full screen on your MacBook while debugging your app running on an attached Thunderbolt display. You can even use AirPlay with AppleTV to use your HDTV as a second display.

Developer Tools Install-On-Demand

OS X Mavericks streamlines installation of the latest open source software you use every day, like Python or a new cutting-edge database. It automatically downloads compiler and framework packages for you, so the first time you need them they are at your fingertips to set up with zero delay. You can also install the complete Xcode toolset from the Mac App Store.

Prepare Your Mac Apps for Distribution

Mac App Store and Developer ID

Submit your apps to the Mac App Store and make it easy for millions of users in over 150 countries to discover and download your apps. If you plan to distribute applications outside of the Mac App Store, make sure to sign them with your Developer ID to give users confidence that they can safely install and run your applications. Learn more about distributing your Mac apps