iOS Developer Enterprise Program Roles Overview

There are three roles that can be assigned to iOS Developer Enterprise Program members: Team Agent, admin, or member. These roles are used to assign certain responsibilities to a developer, such as accepting program agreements, inviting additional team members, and creating and approving digital certificates.

Team Agent

The Team Agent (the original enrollee) is the primary contact for the development team, and is responsible for accepting all Apple Developer Program agreements as well as renewing memberships.


Admins serve as a secondary contact for teams enrolled as an organization. They can invite members to the team, assign roles, and access membership resources and benefits.


Members have access to membership resources and benefits, such as development certificates, pre-release software, and technical support.

Access and Responsibilities Agent Admin Member
Download available GM and Pre-Release Software
Purchase and Submit Technical Support Incidents (TSI)
Access Developer Forums
Invite Members and Assign Roles
Accept Program Agreements
Renew Program Membership
Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles Agent Admin Member
Download Development Provisioning Profiles
Submit Certificate Signing Request
Approve Certificate Signing Request
Create Development Provisioning Profiles
Register, Configure, and Delete App IDs
Add and Disable Device UDIDs
Create an iOS Distribution Certificate and Distribution Provisioning Profiles
Create Certificates for Apple Push Notification service and Pass Type IDs