Get started with your Safari Developer Program

Learn how to take advantage of your program resources and benefits.

Getting Your Safari Extension Signing Certificate

Create and download a Safari Extension Signing Certificate in the Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles section in Member Center.

This certificate allows your extensions to be installed on Safari, protects them from tampering, and ensures that your extension can only be updated by you. Get your Safari Extension Signing Certificate

Development Resources and Documentation

Your Safari Developer Program provides a wide range of technical resources to assist you in designing, developing, and distributing your extension on the Safari Extensions Gallery.

Safari Developer Library

The Safari Developer Library provides a wealth of technical information to help you understand how to implement and develop with Safari technologies.

Development Videos

Watch Apple engineers deliver in-depth information on how to use the tools and technologies for developing Safari extensions.
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Apple Developer Forums

Join discussions with other developers and Apple engineers or post your own questions about developing and distributing your Safari extensions. Sign in to the Apple Developer Forums

Distributing Your Extensions with the Safari Extensions Gallery

The Safari Extensions Gallery offers you the opportunity to increase the visibility of your extension beyond your website.

To submit new extensions or extension updates for consideration, you will first have to sign your extension with your Safari Extension Signing Certificate.
Submit your Safari extension