QuickTime for Developers

QuickTime and the QTKit framework provide services for manipulating time-based media on OS X, allowing you to add audio and video playback, capture, and encoding capabilities to your app. QuickTime not only delivers stunning video quality at remarkably low data rates using the standards-based H.264 codec, it also supports many other major file formats for audio and video as well.


QTKit is a Cocoa framework for manipulating time-based media providing a set of easy to use classes and methods to handle capture, playback, editing, and export. Use these resources for integrating media into your app.


QuickTime provides a powerful C based API for manipulating time-based media, allowing low-level media export, editing, encoding and decoding. While QTKit is the preferred API for use with time-based media, a good understanding of QuickTime is essential for all developers.

QuickTime Media Creation

QuickTime delivers stunning video quality at low data rates using the standards-based H.264 codec. Learn how to export movies for all Apple devices using QTKit and QuickTime C APIs.