The NSAccessibilityNavigableStaticText role-based protocol declares the minimum interface required for an accessibility element to act as navigable static text. Use this protocol to represent larger blocks of text. The protocol will allow users to navigate through the text a line at a time or a word at a time using an accessibility client. For shorter pieces of text (for example, labels or headers), use the NSAccessibilityStaticText protocol instead. You can further enhance the adopting element by implementing any of the information properties or action methods declared in the NSAccessibility protocol.



Text Navigation Methods

func accessibilityFrame(for: NSRange)

Returns the rectangle enclosing the specified range of characters.

func accessibilityLine(for: Int)

Returns the line number for the line holding the specified character index.

func accessibilityRange(forLine: Int)

Returns the range of characters in the specified line.

func accessibilityString(for: NSRange)

Returns the substring for the specified range.