Instance Method


Sent by the default notification center after the application has been launched and initialized but before it has received its first event.


optional func applicationDidFinishLaunching(_ notification: Notification)



A notification named NSApplicationDidFinishLaunching. Calling the object method of this notification returns the NSApplication object itself.


Delegates can implement this method to perform further initialization. This method is called after the application’s main run loop has been started but before it has processed any events. If the application was launched by the user opening a file, the delegate’s application(_:openFile:) method is called before this method. If you want to perform initialization before any files are opened, implement the applicationWillFinishLaunching(_:) method in your delegate, which is called before application(_:openFile:).)

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Related Symbols

func finishLaunching()

Activates the app, opens any files specified by the NSOpen user default, and unhighlights the app’s icon.

func application(NSApplication, openFile: String)

Tells the delegate to open a single file.

func applicationWillFinishLaunching(Notification)

Sent by the default notification center immediately before the application object is initialized.

func applicationDidBecomeActive(Notification)

Sent by the default notification center immediately after the application becomes active.