An NSClickGestureRecognizer object is a discrete gesture recognizer that tracks a specified number of mouse clicks. When configuring this gesture recognizer, you can specify which mouse buttons must be clicked and how many clicks must occur before the action method is called. The user must click the specified mouse button the required number of times without dragging the mouse for the gesture to be recognized.


The gesture recognizer automatically sets the values of the delaysPrimaryMouseButtonEvents, delaysSecondaryMouseButtonEvents, and delaysOtherMouseButtonEvents properties to YES for each button in the buttonMask property.


Configuring the Gesture

var buttonMask: Int

A bit mask of the button (or buttons) required to recognize this click.

var numberOfClicksRequired: Int

The number of clicks required to match.

Instance Properties

var numberOfTouchesRequired: Int

The number of touches required in an NSTouchBar object for the gesture recognizer to match.


Inherits From