An NSDatePickerCell instance controls the behavior of an NSDatePicker control, or of a single date picker cell in a matrix.


Configuring Appearance

var backgroundColor: NSColor

The cell’s background color.

var drawsBackground: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the cell draws its background.

var textColor: NSColor

The cell’s text color.

var datePickerStyle: NSDatePickerStyle

The date picker style to use.

var datePickerElements: NSDatePickerElementFlags

A bitmask that indicates which visual elements are shown by the date picker.

Range Mode

var datePickerMode: NSDatePickerMode

The mode in use by the date picker.

Object Values

var dateValue: Date

The date currently specified in the picker.

var timeInterval: TimeInterval

The time interval that represents the date range.

var calendar: Calendar?

The calendar used by the date picker.

var locale: Locale?

The locale used to display dates.

var timeZone: TimeZone?

The time zone used to display time-related values.

Date Range Constraints

var minDate: Date?

The minimum date that the picker allows as input.

var maxDate: Date?

The maximum date that the picker allows as input.

Getting and Setting the Delegate

var delegate: NSDatePickerCellDelegate?

The delegate associated with the date picker.



Constants that define the visual appearance of the date picker cell.


Constants that define whether the picker provides a single date, or a range of dates.


Constants that specify the date and time elements displayed by the picker.


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