These constants are masks for the events defined in NSEvent​Type. Pass them to the NSCell method send​Action(on:​) to specify when an NSCell object should send its action message.



let NSTablet​Point​Mask:​ NSEvent​Mask

Corresponds to NSTablet​Point.

let NSTablet​Proximity​Mask:​ NSEvent​Mask

Corresponds to NSTablet​Proximity.

static var gesture:​ NSEvent​Mask

Corresponds to NSEvent​Type​Gesture.

static var magnify:​ NSEvent​Mask

Corresponds to NSEvent​Type​Magnify.

static var swipe:​ NSEvent​Mask

Corresponds to NSEvent​Type​Swipe.

static var rotate:​ NSEvent​Mask

Corresponds to NSEvent​Type​Rotate.

static var begin​Gesture:​ NSEvent​Mask

Corresponds to NSEvent​Type​Begin​Gesture.

static var end​Gesture:​ NSEvent​Mask

Corresponds to NSEvent​Type​End​Gesture.

static var smart​Magnify:​ NSEvent​Mask

ANSEvent type for the smart zoom gesture (two-finger double tap on trackpads) along with a corresponding NSResponder method. In response to this event, you should magnify the content appropriately for your app. For example, you might zoom in on a specific paragraph or image.

static var pressure:​ NSEvent​Mask

An NSEvent type representing a change in pressure on a pressure-sensitive device. Requires a 64-bit processor.


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