An NSImageCell object displays a single image (encapsulated in an NSImage object) in a frame. This class provides methods for choosing the frame and for aligning and scaling the image to fit the frame.


The object value of an NSImageCell object must be an NSImage object, so if you use the objectValue method of NSCell, be sure to supply an NSImage object as an argument. Because an NSImage object does not need to be converted for display, do not use the NSCell methods relating to formatters.

An NSImageCell object is usually associated with some kind of control object. For example, an NSMatrix or an NSTableView.

Designated Initializers

When subclassing NSImageCell you must implement all of the designated initializers. Those methods are: init, init(coder:), init(textCell:), and init(imageCell:).


Aligning and Scaling the Image

var imageAlignment: NSImageAlignment

The alignment of the receiver’s image relative to its frame.

var imageScaling: NSImageScaling

The scaling mode used to fit the receiver's image into the frame.

Choosing the Frame

var imageFrameStyle: NSImageFrameStyle

The style of the frame that borders the image.



These constants allow you to specify the location of the image in the frame and is used by imageAlignment.


These constants allow you to specify the kind of frame bordering the image and is used by imageFrameStyle. Note that some of these constants are stylistically obsolete and should be considered deprecated.


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