NSPredicateEditor is a subclass of NSRuleEditor that is specialized for editing NSPredicate objects.


NSPredicateEditor provides an NSPredicate property—objectValue (inherited from NSControl)—that you can get and set directly, and that you can bind using Cocoa bindings (you typically configure a predicate editor in Interface Builder). NSPredicateEditor depends on another class, NSPredicateEditorRowTemplate, that describes the available predicates and how to display them.

Unlike NSRuleEditor, NSPredicateEditor does not depend on its delegate to populate its rows (and does not call the populating delegate methods). Instead, its rows are populated from its objectValue property (an instance of NSPredicate). NSPredicateEditor relies on instances NSPredicateEditorRowTemplate, which are responsible for mapping back and forth between the displayed view values and various predicates.

NSPredicateEditor exposes one property, rowTemplates, which is an array of NSPredicateEditorRowTemplate objects.


Managing Row Templates

var rowTemplates: [NSPredicateEditorRowTemplate]

The row templates for the receiver.


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