The NSPrintPanelAccessorizing protocol declares two methods that the NSPrintPanel class uses to get information from a printing accessory controller.


A printing accessory controller manages a custom print panel accessory view and used to coordinate print settings. If you are implementing a custom printing accessory view, your controller must support this protocol. Implementation of only one method in the protocol is actually required. The other method is considered optional and is used to support the print panel’s built-in preview facilities.


Responding to Being Loaded from a Nib File

func localizedSummaryItems()

Returns an array of dictionaries containing the localized user setting summary strings.

func keyPathsForValuesAffectingPreview()

Returns a set of strings identifying the key paths for any properties that might affect the built-in print preview. (optional)


Printing Summary Item Keys

These keys must be included in the dictionaries returned by the localizedSummaryItems() method.