The NSSharing​Service​Picker class presents a list of sharing services, so that the user can choose a service to share an item. When a service is chosen, the picker automatically executes it, which presents the sharing window.


The NSSharing​Service​Picker​Delegate allows customizing the picker’s available services, where it appears, and allows assigning the delegate object for the NSSharing​Service delegate.


Creating a Sharing Service Picker

init(items:​ [Any])

Initializes a new sharing service picker for the selected items.

Display the Sharing Service Picker

func show(relative​To:​ NSRect, of:​ NSView, preferred​Edge:​ NSRect​Edge)

Shows the picker, populated with sharing services related to the instance items.

Getting and Setting the Delegate

var delegate:​ NSSharing​Service​Picker​Delegate?

Specifies the service picker delegate.


Inherits From