An NSTableHeaderView is used by an NSTableView to draw headers over its columns and to handle mouse events in those headers.


NSTableHeaderView uses NSTableHeaderCell to implement its user interface.


Setting the table view

var tableView: NSTableView?

The NSTableView instance that this table header view belongs to.

Checking altered columns

var draggedColumn: Int

The index of the column that the user is dragging.

var draggedDistance: CGFloat

The horizontal distance that the user has dragged a column.

var resizedColumn: Int

The index of the column that the user is resizing.

Utility methods

func column(at: NSPoint)

Returns the index of the column whose header lies under aPoint in the receiver, or –1 if no such column is found.

func headerRect(ofColumn: Int)

Returns the rectangle containing the header tile for the column at columnIndex.


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