NSTextAlternatives is an immutable value class that stores a list of alternatives for a piece of text and communicates the user’s selection of an alternative via a notification to your app. To support dictation, for example, you might use NSTextAlternatives to present a list of alternative interpretations for a word or phrase the user speaks. If the user chooses to replace the initial interpretation with an alternative, NSTextAlternatives notifies you of the choice so that you can update the text appropriately.


NSTextAlternatives instances are attached to attributed strings as the value of a text attribute, NSTextAlternativesAttributeName.


Initializing a Text Alternatives Object

init(primaryString: String, alternativeStrings: [String])

Initializes an NSTextAlternatives instance.

Storing Alternative Text Strings

var primaryString: String

The text that was initially chosen as the input string.

var alternativeStrings: [String]

An array of alternative possible interpretations that the user might select.

Selecting an Alternative String

func noteSelectedAlternativeString(String)

Sent to the NSTextAlternatives object by the text view when the user chooses one of the alternative strings.



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