static var andPrint: NSWorkspaceLaunchOptions

Print items instead of opening them.

static var withErrorPresentation: NSWorkspaceLaunchOptions

Display an error panel to the user if a failure occurs.

static var inhibitingBackgroundOnly: NSWorkspaceLaunchOptions

Causes launch to fail if the target is background-only.

static var withoutAddingToRecents: NSWorkspaceLaunchOptions

Do not add the app or documents to the Recents menu.

static var withoutActivation: NSWorkspaceLaunchOptions

Launch the app but do not bring it into the foreground.

static var async: NSWorkspaceLaunchOptions

Launch the app and return the results asynchronously.

static var allowingClassicStartup: NSWorkspaceLaunchOptions

Start up the Classic compatibility environment, if it is required by the app.

static var preferringClassic: NSWorkspaceLaunchOptions

Force the app to launch in the Classic compatibility environment.

static var newInstance: NSWorkspaceLaunchOptions

Create a new instance of the app, even if one is already running.

static var andHide: NSWorkspaceLaunchOptions

Tell the app to hide itself as soon as it has finished launching.

static var andHideOthers: NSWorkspaceLaunchOptions

Hide all apps except the newly launched one.

static var `default`: NSWorkspaceLaunchOptions

Launch the app asynchronously and launch it in the Classic environment, if required.


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