AVURLAsset is a concrete subclass of AVAsset that you use to initialize an asset from a local or remote URL.


Creating an URL Asset

init(url:​ URL, options:​ [String :​ Any]? = nil)

Initializes an asset that models the media resource found at the specified URL.

Accessing the URL

var url:​ URL

The URL with which the asset was initialized.

Accessing the Resource Loader

var resource​Loader:​ AVAsset​Resource​Loader

The resource loader associated with the asset.

Finding Compatible Tracks

func compatible​Track(for:​ AVComposition​Track)

Returns an asset track from which any time range can be inserted into a given composition track.

Getting Supported Media Types

class func audiovisual​MIMETypes()

Returns an array of the MIME types the AVURLAsset class supports.

class func audiovisual​Types()

Returns an array of the file types the AVURLAsset class supports.

class func is​Playable​Extended​MIMEType(String)

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the asset is playable with the given codec(s) and container type.

Working with Offline Assets

var asset​Cache:​ AVAsset​Cache?

The asset’s associated asset cache, if it exists.



These constants can be passed in to AVURLAsset​HTTPCookies​Key to control the resolution of references to external media data.

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