Instances of NSEntityMapping specify how to map an entity from a source to a destination managed object model.


Managing Source Information

var sourceEntityName: String?

The source entity name for the receiver.

var sourceEntityVersionHash: Data?

The version hash for the source entity for the receiver.

var sourceExpression: NSExpression?

The source expression for the receiver.

Managing Destination Information

var destinationEntityName: String?

The destination entity name for the receiver.

var destinationEntityVersionHash: Data?

The version hash for the destination entity for the receiver.

Managing Mapping Information

var name: String!

The name of the receiver.

var mappingType: NSEntityMappingType

The mapping type for the receiver.

var entityMigrationPolicyClassName: String?

The class name of the migration policy for the receiver.

var attributeMappings: [NSPropertyMapping]?

The array of attribute mappings for the receiver.

var relationshipMappings: [NSPropertyMapping]?

The array of relationship mappings for the receiver.

var userInfo: [AnyHashable : Any]?

The user info dictionary for the receiver.


Entity Mapping Types

These constants specify the types of entity mapping.


Data type used for constants that specify types of entity mapping.


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