CFMutableBitVector objects manage dynamic bit vectors. The basic interface for managing bit vectors is provided by CFBitVector. CFMutableBitVector adds functions to modify the contents of a bit vector.

You create a mutable bit vector object using either the CFBitVectorCreateMutable(_:_:) or CFBitVectorCreateMutableCopy(_:_:_:) function. You add to and remove from a bit vector by altering the size of the bit vector with the CFBitVectorSetCount(_:_:) function


Creating a CFMutableBitVector Object

func CFBitVectorCreateMutableCopy(CFAllocator!, CFIndex, CFBitVector!)

Creates a new mutable bit vector from a pre-existing bit vector.

Modifying a Bit Vector

func CFBitVectorFlipBits(CFMutableBitVector!, CFRange)

Flips a range of bit values in a bit vector.

func CFBitVectorSetAllBits(CFMutableBitVector!, CFBit)

Sets all bits in a bit vector to a particular value.

func CFBitVectorSetBitAtIndex(CFMutableBitVector!, CFIndex, CFBit)

Sets the value of a particular bit in a bit vector.

func CFBitVectorSetBits(CFMutableBitVector!, CFRange, CFBit)

Sets a range of bits in a bit vector to a particular value.

func CFBitVectorSetCount(CFMutableBitVector!, CFIndex)

Changes the size of a mutable bit vector.

Data Types


A reference to a mutable bit vector object.