CFMutableCharacterSet manages dynamic character sets. The basic interface for managing character sets is provided by CFCharacterSet. CFMutableCharacterSet adds functions to modify the contents of a character set.

You create a mutable character set object using either the CFCharacterSetCreateMutable(_:) or CFCharacterSetCreateMutableCopy(_:_:) function.

CFMutableCharacterSet is “toll-free bridged” with its Cocoa Foundation counterpart, NSMutableCharacterSet. This means that the Core Foundation type is interchangeable in function or method calls with the bridged Foundation object. Therefore, in a method where you see an NSMutableCharacterSet * parameter, you can pass in a CFMutableCharacterSetRef, and in a function where you see a CFMutableCharacterSetRef parameter, you can pass in an NSMutableCharacterSet instance. This capability also applies to concrete subclasses of NSMutableCharacterSet. See Toll-Free Bridged Types for more information on toll-free bridging.


Creating a Mutable Character Set

func CFCharacterSetCreateMutable(CFAllocator!)

Creates a new empty mutable character set.

func CFCharacterSetCreateMutableCopy(CFAllocator!, CFCharacterSet!)

Creates a new mutable character set with the values from another character set.

Adding Characters

Removing Characters

func CFCharacterSetRemoveCharactersInRange(CFMutableCharacterSet!, CFRange)

Removes a given range of Unicode characters from a character set.

func CFCharacterSetRemoveCharactersInString(CFMutableCharacterSet!, CFString!)

Removes the characters in a given string from a character set.

Logical Operations

func CFCharacterSetInvert(CFMutableCharacterSet!)

Inverts the content of a given character set.

Data Types


A reference to a mutable character set object.