Core Foundation URL Access Utilities


Core Foundation URL Access Utilities give you convenient system-independent methods of creating, reading, updating, or deleting a URL resource.

Given a CFURL object that holds either a file or http URL, you can read the resource’s data with the CFURLCreate​Data​And​Properties​From​Resource(_:​_:​_:​_:​_:​_:​) function. You can write data to the URL resource, possibly creating a new file, with the CFURLWrite​Data​And​Properties​To​Resource(_:​_:​_:​_:​) function. Finally, you can destroy, or delete, the resource pointed to by the URL with the CFURLDestroy​Resource(_:​_:​) function.




CFURL error codes.

File URL Properties

Properties for file URL resources.

HTTP URL Properties

Properties for HTTP URL resources.