A representation of one or more content data streams in a PDF page.


A CGPDFContentStreamRef object represents one or more PDF content streams for a page and their associated resource dictionaries. A PDF content stream is a sequential set of instructions that specifies how to paint items on a PDF page. A resource dictionary contains information needed by the content stream in order to decode the sequential instructions of the content stream.

CGPDFContentStreamRef functions can retrieve both the content streams and the resource dictionaries associated with a PDF page.

This type is not derived from CFTypeRef and therefore there are no functions for retaining and releasing it. CGPDFContentStreamRef objects exist only as constituent parts of a CGPDFDocument object, and they are managed by their container.


Creating a PDF Content Stream Object

func CGPDFContentStreamCreateWithPage(CGPDFPage)

Creates a content stream object from a PDF page object.

func CGPDFContentStreamCreateWithStream(CGPDFStreamRef, CGPDFDictionaryRef, CGPDFContentStreamRef)

Creates a PDF content stream object from an existing PDF content stream object.

Getting Data from a PDF Content Stream Object

func CGPDFContentStreamGetStreams(CGPDFContentStreamRef)

Gets the array of PDF content streams contained in a PDF content stream object.

Retaining and Releasing a PDF Content Stream Object

func CGPDFContentStreamRetain(CGPDFContentStreamRef)

Increments the retain count of a PDF content stream object.

func CGPDFContentStreamRelease(CGPDFContentStreamRef)

Decrements the retain count of a PDF content stream object.

Data Types


An opaque type that provides access to the data that describes the appearance of a PDF page.

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