A set of callback functions for operators used when scanning content in a PDF document.


You pass an operator table and a PDF content stream to a CGPDFScanner object. When the scanner parses a PDF operator, Core Graphics invokes your callback for that operator. See also CGPDFScanner and CGPDFContentStream.

For more about PDF operators, see the latest version of PDF Reference, Adobe Systems Incorporated.


Creating a PDF Operator Table

func CGPDFOperatorTableCreate()

Creates an empty PDF operator table.

Setting Callback Functions

Retaining and Releasing a PDF Operator Table

func CGPDFOperatorTableRetain(CGPDFOperatorTableRef)

Increments the retain count of a CGPDFOperatorTable object.

func CGPDFOperatorTableRelease(CGPDFOperatorTableRef)

Decrements the retain count of a CGPDFOperatorTable object.



Performs custom processing for PDF operators.

Data Types


A type that stores callback functions for PDF operators.