A parser object for handling content and operators in a PDF content stream.


You can set up the PDF scanner object to invoke callbacks when it encounters specific PDF operators in the stream.

This object is not derived from CFType. Use CGPDFScannerRetain(_:) and CGPDFScannerRelease(_:) to manage the retain count of CGPDFScannerRef instances; do not use CFRetain and CFRelease.


Retaining and Releasing PDF Scanner Objects

func CGPDFScannerRetain(CGPDFScannerRef)

Increments the retain count of a scanner object.

func CGPDFScannerRelease(CGPDFScannerRef)

Decrements the retain count of a scanner object.

Parsing Content

func CGPDFScannerScan(CGPDFScannerRef)

Parses the content stream of a PDF scanner object.

func CGPDFScannerGetContentStream(CGPDFScannerRef)

Returns the content stream associated with a PDF scanner object.

Getting PDF Objects from the Scanner Stack

Data Types


A type used to parse a PDF content stream.

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