A text string in a PDF document.


A PDF string object is a series of bytes—unsigned integer values in the range 0 to 255.

The string elements are not integer objects, but are stored in a more compact format. For more information on the representation of strings in PDF, see the latest version of PDF Reference, Adobe Systems Incorporated.

This object is not derived from CFType and therefore there are no functions for retaining and releasing it. CGPDFString objects exist as constituent parts of a CGPDFDocument object, and are managed by their container.


Converting PDF Strings

func CGPDFStringCopyTextString(CGPDFStringRef)

Returns a CFString object that represents a PDF string as a text string.

func CGPDFStringCopyDate(CGPDFStringRef)

Converts a string to a date.

Getting PDF String Data

func CGPDFStringGetBytePtr(CGPDFStringRef)

Returns a pointer to the bytes of a PDF string.

func CGPDFStringGetLength(CGPDFStringRef)

Returns the number of bytes in a PDF string.

Data Types


A data type that represents a string in a PDF document.

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