Error codes returned by the location manager object.


Errors are delivered to the delegate using an NSError object.



case locationUnknown

The location manager was unable to obtain a location value right now.

case denied

Access to the location service was denied by the user.

case network

The network was unavailable or a network error occurred.

case headingFailure

The heading could not be determined.

case regionMonitoringDenied

Access to the region monitoring service was denied by the user.

case regionMonitoringFailure

A registered region cannot be monitored. Monitoring can fail if the app has exceeded the maximum number of regions that it can monitor simultaneously. Monitoring can also fail if the region’s radius distance is too large.

case regionMonitoringSetupDelayed

Core Location could not initialize the region monitoring feature immediately.

case regionMonitoringResponseDelayed

Core Location will deliver events but they may be delayed. Possible keys in the user information dictionary are described in Error User Info Keys.

case geocodeFoundNoResult

The geocode request yielded no result.

case geocodeFoundPartialResult

The geocode request yielded a partial result.

case geocodeCanceled

The geocode request was canceled.

case deferredFailed

The location manager did not enter deferred mode for an unknown reason. This error can occur if GPS is unavailable, not active, or is temporarily interrupted. If you get this error on a device that has GPS hardware, the solution is to try again.

case deferredNotUpdatingLocation

The location manager did not enter deferred mode because location updates were already disabled or paused.

case deferredAccuracyTooLow

Deferred mode is not supported for the requested accuracy. The accuracy must be set to kCLLocationAccuracyBest or kCLLocationAccuracyBestForNavigation.

case deferredDistanceFiltered

Deferred mode does not support distance filters. Set the distance filter to kCLDistanceFilterNone.

case deferredCanceled

The request for deferred updates was canceled by your app or by the location manager. This error is returned if you call the disallowDeferredLocationUpdates() method or schedule a new deferred update before the previous deferred update request is processed. The location manager may also report this error too. For example, if the app is in the foreground when a new location is determined, the location manager cancels deferred updates and delivers the location data to your app.

case rangingUnavailable

Ranging is disabled. This might happen if the device is in Airplane mode or if Bluetooth or location services are disabled.

case rangingFailure

A general ranging error occurred.