The protocol whose methods you use to receive events from an associated location manager object.


Implement this protocol in an object of your app and assign your object to the delegate property of a CLLocation​Manager object. After activating one or more services, the location manager notifies your delegate object with the results. You can then use the results to update other parts of your app.If the location manager reports a problem retrieving the requested data, you might want to stop updates for a short period of time and try again later. You can use the stop​Updating​Location(), stop​Monitoring​Significant​Location​Changes(), stop​Updating​Heading(), stop​Monitoring(for:​), or stop​Monitoring​Visits() methods of CLLocation​Manager to stop the various location services.

The methods of your delegate object are called from the thread in which you started the corresponding location services. That thread must itself have an active run loop, like the one found in your application’s main thread.


Responding to Location Events

func location​Manager(CLLocation​Manager, did​Fail​With​Error:​ Error)

Tells the delegate that the location manager was unable to retrieve a location value.

Pausing Location Updates

func location​Manager​Did​Pause​Location​Updates(CLLocation​Manager)

Tells the delegate that location updates were paused.

func location​Manager​Did​Resume​Location​Updates(CLLocation​Manager)

Tells the delegate that the delivery of location updates has resumed.

Responding to Heading Events

func location​Manager(CLLocation​Manager, did​Update​Heading:​ CLHeading)

Tells the delegate that the location manager received updated heading information.

func location​Manager​Should​Display​Heading​Calibration(CLLocation​Manager)

Asks the delegate whether the heading calibration alert should be displayed.

Responding to Region Events

Responding to Ranging Events

Responding to Visit Events

func location​Manager(CLLocation​Manager, did​Visit:​ CLVisit)

Tells the delegate that a new visit-related event was received.

Responding to Authorization Changes

func location​Manager(CLLocation​Manager, did​Change​Authorization:​ CLAuthorization​Status)

Tells the delegate that the authorization status for the application changed.


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