An API for attaching additional metadata to a sample buffer.


This document describes the Core Media attachment protocol. A CMAttachmentBearer is a CF-based object that supports the suite of key/value/mode attachment APIs. You can attach any CF object to a CMAttachmentBearer object to store additional information.


Processing Attachments

func CMSetAttachments(CMAttachmentBearer, CFDictionary, CMAttachmentMode)

Sets a set of attachments for a CMAttachmentBearer.

func CMRemoveAttachment(CMAttachmentBearer, CFString)

Removes a specific attachment of a CMAttachmentBearer.

func CMRemoveAllAttachments(CMAttachmentBearer)

Removes all attachments of a CMAttachmentBearer.

func CMPropagateAttachments(CMAttachmentBearer, CMAttachmentBearer)

Copies all attachments that can be propagated from one CMAttachmentBearer to another.

Data Types


Type for objects that can bear attachments.


Type to specify attachment modes.


Attachment Modes

The propagation modes of a CMAttachmentBearer attachment.