Metadata Schema


The MDSchema functions provide information about the metadata returned for an item including the type of metadata provided for a file type, the localized display name for a metadata attribute key, and the schema for a metadata attribute key.


MDSchema Miscellaneous Functions

func MDSchemaCopyAllAttributes()

Returns an array containing all the metadata attributes defined in the schema.

func MDSchemaCopyAttributesForContentType(CFString!)

Returns a dictionary containing the metadata attributes for the specified UTI type.

func MDSchemaCopyDisplayDescriptionForAttribute(CFString!)

Returns the localized description of a metadata attribute key.

func MDSchemaCopyDisplayNameForAttribute(CFString!)

Returns the localized display name of a metadata attribute key.

func MDSchemaCopyMetaAttributesForAttribute(CFString!)

Returns a dictionary describing the values for the specified metadata attribute key.


Available Metadata Attribute Keys

Specify the available metadata attribute keys for a content type.

Metadata Attribute Schema Description Keys

Specify the schema of a metadata attribute key.