The CTFramesetter opaque type is used to generate text frames. That is, CTFramesetter is an object factory for CTFrame objects.


The framesetter takes an attributed string object and a shape descriptor object and calls into the typesetter to create line objects that fill that shape. The output is a frame object containing an array of lines. The frame can then draw itself directly into the current graphic context.


Creating a Framesetter

func CTFramesetterCreateWithAttributedString(CFAttributedString)

Creates an immutable framesetter object from an attributed string.

Creating Frames

func CTFramesetterGetTypesetter(CTFramesetter)

Returns the typesetter object being used by the framesetter.

Getting the Type Identifier

func CTFramesetterGetTypeID()

Returns the Core Foundation type identifier of the framesetter object.

Data Types


A reference to a Core Foundation framesetter object.