A texture-based image buffer that supplies source image data to OpenGL ES.


Core Video OpenGL ES textures are texture-based image buffers used for supplying source image data to OpenGL.


Inspecting Textures

The functions in this section operate on Core Video texture-based image buffers derived from the CVOpenGLESTextureRef type.

func CVOpenGLESTextureGetTarget(CVOpenGLESTexture)

Returns the texture target for a CVOpenGLESTextureRef.

func CVOpenGLESTextureGetName(CVOpenGLESTexture)

Returns the texture target name for a CVOpenGLESTextureRef.

func CVOpenGLESTextureIsFlipped(CVOpenGLESTexture)

Returns whether the image is flipped vertically or not.

func CVOpenGLESTextureGetTypeID()

Returns the Core Foundation type identifier for a Core Video texture-based image buffer.

Data Types


A reference to a Core Video texture-based image buffer.