Instance Method


Writes the bytes in the receiver to the file specified by a given path.


func write(toFile path: String, atomically useAuxiliaryFile: Bool) -> Bool



The location to which to write the receiver's bytes. If path contains a tilde (~) character, you must expand it with expandingTildeInPath before invoking this method.


If true, the data is written to a backup file, and then—assuming no errors occur—the backup file is renamed to the name specified by path; otherwise, the data is written directly to path.

Return Value

true if the operation succeeds, otherwise false.


This method may not be appropriate when writing to publicly accessible files. To securely write data to a public location, use FileHandle instead. For more information, seeSecuring File Operations in Secure Coding Guide.

See Also

Related Symbols

func write(to: URL, atomically: Bool)

Writes the bytes in the receiver to the location specified by aURL.