Instance Method


Writes the bytes in the receiver to the location specified by aURL.


func write(to url: URL, atomically: Bool) -> Bool



The location to which to write the receiver's bytes. Only file:// URLs are supported.


If true, the data is written to a backup location, and then—assuming no errors occur—the backup location is renamed to the name specified by aURL; otherwise, the data is written directly to aURL. atomically is ignored if aURL is not of a type the supports atomic writes.

Return Value

true if the operation succeeds, otherwise false.


Since at present only file:// URLs are supported, there is no difference between this method and write(toFile:atomically:), except for the type of the first argument.

This method may not be appropriate when writing to publicly accessible files. To securely write data to a public location, use FileHandle instead. For more information, seeSecuring File Operations in Secure Coding Guide.

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Related Symbols

func write(toFile: String, atomically: Bool)

Writes the bytes in the receiver to the file specified by a given path.