Instance Method


Creates a symbolic link identified by a given path that refers to a given location.


- (BOOL)createSymbolicLinkAtPath:(NSString *)path pathContent:(NSString *)otherpath;



The path for a symbolic link.


The path to which path should refer.

Return Value

YES if the operation is successful, otherwise NO. Returns NO if a file, directory, or symbolic link identical to path already exists.


Creates a symbolic link identified by path that refers to the location otherPath in the file system.

Special Considerations

Because this method does not return error information, it has been deprecated as of OS X v10.5. Use createSymbolicLinkAtPath:withDestinationPath:error: instead.

See Also

Related Symbols

- removeItemAtPath:error:

Removes the file or directory at the specified path.

- destinationOfSymbolicLinkAtPath:error:

Returns the path of the item pointed to by a symbolic link.

- createSymbolicLinkAtPath:withDestinationPath:error:

Creates a symbolic link that points to the specified destination.