The NSKeyedUnarchiverDelegate protocol defines the optional methods implemented by delegates of NSKeyedUnarchiver objects.


Decoding Objects

func unarchiver(NSKeyedUnarchiver, cannotDecodeObjectOfClassName: String, originalClasses: [String])

Informs the delegate that the class with a given name is not available during decoding.

func unarchiver(NSKeyedUnarchiver, didDecode: Any?)

Informs the delegate that a given object has been decoded.

func unarchiver(NSKeyedUnarchiver, willReplace: Any, with: Any)

Informs the delegate that one object is being substituted for another.

Finishing Decoding

func unarchiverDidFinish(NSKeyedUnarchiver)

Notifies the delegate that decoding has finished.

func unarchiverWillFinish(NSKeyedUnarchiver)

Notifies the delegate that decoding is about to finish.


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