The NSMutableIndexSet class represents a mutable collection of unique unsigned integers, known as indexes because of the way they are used. This collection is referred to as a mutable index set. The inclusive range of valid indexes is 0...(NSNotFound - 1); trying to use indexes outside this range is invalid.


The values in a mutable index set are always sorted, so the order in which values are added is irrelevant.

You must not subclass the NSMutableIndexSet class.


Adding Indexes

func add(Int)

Adds an index to the receiver.

func add(IndexSet)

Adds the indexes in an index set to the receiver.

func add(in: NSRange)

Adds the indexes in an index range to the receiver.

Removing Indexes

func remove(Int)

Removes an index from the receiver.

func remove(IndexSet)

Removes the indexes in an index set from the receiver.

func removeAllIndexes()

Removes the receiver’s indexes.

func remove(in: NSRange)

Removes the indexes in an index range from the receiver.

Shifting Index Groups

func shiftIndexesStarting(at: Int, by: Int)

Shifts a group of indexes to the left or the right within the receiver.


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