The NSMutable​Index​Set class represents a mutable collection of unique unsigned integers, known as indexes because of the way they are used. This collection is referred to as a mutable index set. The inclusive range of valid indexes is 0...(NSNot​Found - 1); trying to use indexes outside this range is invalid.


The values in a mutable index set are always sorted, so the order in which values are added is irrelevant.

You must not subclass the NSMutable​Index​Set class.


Adding Indexes

func add(Int)

Adds an index to the receiver.

func add(Index​Set)

Adds the indexes in an index set to the receiver.

func add(in:​ NSRange)

Adds the indexes in an index range to the receiver.

Removing Indexes

func remove(Int)

Removes an index from the receiver.

func remove(Index​Set)

Removes the indexes in an index set from the receiver.

func remove​All​Indexes()

Removes the receiver’s indexes.

func remove(in:​ NSRange)

Removes the indexes in an index range from the receiver.

Shifting Index Groups

func shift​Indexes​Starting(at:​ Int, by:​ Int)

Shifts a group of indexes to the left or the right within the receiver.


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