The NSSpellServer class gives you a way to make your application’s spell checker available as a spelling service available to any application.


A service provider is an application that declares its availability in a standard way, so that any other applications that wish to use it can do so. If you build a spelling checker that makes use of the NSSpellServer class and list it as an available service, then users of any application that makes use of NSSpellChecker or includes a Services menu will see your spelling checker as one of the available dictionaries.


Configuring Spelling Servers

var delegate: NSSpellServerDelegate?

Returns the receiver’s delegate.

Providing Spelling Services

func registerLanguage(String?, byVendor: String?)

Notifies the receiver of a language your spelling checker can check.

func run()

Causes the receiver to start listening for spell-checking requests.

Managing the Spell-Checking Process

func isWord(inUserDictionaries: String, caseSensitive: Bool)

Indicates whether a given word is in the user’s list of learned words or the document’s list of words to ignore.


Grammatical-Analysis Details

These constants are used as the keys in the outDetails dictionaries returned by NSSpellServer and checkGrammar(of:startingAt:language:wrap:inSpellDocumentWithTag:details:) (NSSpellChecker).


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