Instance Property


A capitalized representation of the string.


var capitalized: String { get }


A capitalized string is a string with the first character in each word changed to its corresponding uppercase value, and all remaining characters set to their corresponding lowercase values. A word is any sequence of characters delimited by spaces, tabs, or line terminators (listed under getLineStart(_:end:contentsEnd:for:)). Some common word delimiting punctuation isn’t considered, so this property may not generally produce the desired results for multiword strings.

Case transformations aren’t guaranteed to be symmetrical or to produce strings of the same lengths as the originals. See lowercased for an example.

This property performs the canonical (non-localized) mapping. It is suitable for programming operations that require stable results not depending on the current locale.

See Also

Related Symbols

func capitalized(with: Locale?)

Returns a capitalized representation of the receiver using the specified locale.

var localizedCapitalized: String

Returns a capitalized representation of the receiver using the current locale.