Instance Method


Draws the receiver with the specified options and other display characteristics of the given attributes, within the specified rectangle in the current graphics context.


func draw(with rect: NSRect, options: NSStringDrawingOptions = [], attributes: [String : Any]? = nil)



The rectangle in which to draw the string.


String drawing options.


A dictionary of text attributes to be applied to the string. These are the same attributes that can be applied to an NSAttributedString object, but in the case of NSString objects, the attributes apply to the entire string, rather than ranges within the string.


This method works in single-line, baseline rendering configuration by default. That is, the rect argument's origin field specifies the rendering origin, and that point is interpreted as the baseline origin by default. If the string drawing option NSStringDrawingUsesLineFragmentOrigin is specified, origin is interpreted as the upper left corner of the line fragment rectangle, and the method behaves in multiline configuration.

The size field specifies the text container size. The width part of the size field specifies the maximum line fragment width if larger than 0.0. The height defines the maximum size that can be occupied with text if larger than 0.0 and NSStringDrawingUsesLineFragmentOrigin is specified. If NSStringDrawingUsesLineFragmentOrigin is not specified, height is ignored and considered to be single-line rendering (NSLineBreakByWordWrapping and NSLineBreakByCharWrapping are treated as NSLineBreakByClipping).

You should only invoke this method when there is a current graphics context.