Instance Method


Returns a new URL made by appending a path component to the original URL.


func appendingPathComponent(_ pathComponent: String) -> URL?



The path component to add to the URL, in its original form (not URL encoded).

Return Value

A new URL with pathComponent appended.


If the original URL does not end with a forward slash and pathComponent does not begin with a forward slash, a forward slash is inserted between the two parts of the returned URL, unless the original URL is the empty string.

If the receiver is a file URL and pathComponent does not end with a trailing slash, this method may read file metadata to determine whether the resulting path is a directory. This is done synchronously, and may have significant performance costs if the receiver is a location on a network mounted filesystem. You can instead call the appendingPathComponent(_:isDirectory:) method if you know whether the resulting path is a directory to avoid this file metadata operation.